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Audiophile sound by Sigma-Delta DAC technology ....

This Sigma-Delta DAC maintain a maximum performance by using Sigma-Delta DAC technology. If you want a more microdetails (resolution) and as consequence a more quality of sound please reffer to our R2R technology DAC.
The output to headphone is very strong and can driving all range of headphone's impedance. The headphone amplifier can stay in two position, High amplifier and Low amplifier. The DIP SWITCH for choose position is place on PCB between volume Rotary Potentiometer and AUDIO JACKS. When it switch in ON position as High amplifier is set, if switch in OFF position as Low amplifier is set. Use ON position High amplifier for headphones with impedance 300 Ω and more. Attention, the change of switch position have to make a staff qualified. In factory the switch to OFF position set as default. Frankly speaking this "Use ON position High amplifier" is need if the loudness of headphones is not sufficient but this case should not be appear in real life , nevertheless you have an option always to increase power twice if you want.

An internal router is control of  Digital inputs and if the router detect a valid PCM signal from any digital input, than the router hold this input as signal source, until an error and/or lost PCM stream. Hence , no need to switch of digital inputs manualy, all switch has do automate.

WARNING For optimal performance, the DAC requires a grounded AC receptacle or a separate earth ground. Ensure the proper grounding of your system.

General description Digital-to-analogue converter DAC DIXO
Chip Resolution 24 bits Maximum
Sampling Frequency USB 16bit/48 KHz
Sampling Frequency coaxial and optical
Full ready for Hi-Rez files (96-192 KHz)
Sampling Frequency of DAC chip
Digital input 1 coaxial (phono jack), 1 Toslink, 1 USB (auto router embedded)
Digital output 1 coaxial (phono jack)
Audio output voltage RCA (phono jack) 3.1Vpp 10Hz ~ 25kHz
THD 0.001%
Frequency response 10Hz - 25kHz
Dynamic range A wtd 1kHz 110dB;
Crosstalk 1kHz 112dB
Dimensions WHD 270 x 70 x 220 (mm)
Net weight 1.7 kg
Power supply 90-265Vac (auto)

Maximum output power Headphone, each channel
Impedance of Headphone Low amplifier 10V peak-peak High amplifier 20V peak-peak
20 Ω 1250mWpeak(875mWrms) 5Wpeak(3.5Wrms)
32 Ω 780mWpeak(546mWrms) 3.1Wpeak(2.1Wrms)
50 Ω 500mWpeak(350mWrms) 2Wpeak(1.4Wrms)
100 Ω 250mWpeak(175mWrms) 1Wpeak(700mWrms)
150 Ω 166mWpeak(116mWrms) 666mWpeak(466mWrms)
200 Ω 125mWpeak(87mWrms) 500mWpeak(350mWrms)
250 Ω 100mWpeak(70mWrms) 400mWpeak(280mWrms)
300 Ω 83mWpeak(58mWrms) 333mWpeak(233mWrms)
350 Ω 71mWpeak(50mWrms) 285mWpeak(200mWrms)
400 Ω 63mWpeak(44mWrms) 250mWpeak(175mWrms)
450 Ω 55mWpeak(39mWrms) 222mWpeak(155mWrms)
500 Ω 50mWpeak(35mWrms) 200mWpeak(140mWrms)
600 Ω 42mWpeak(29mWrms) 166mWpeak(116mWrms)

The price of DAC 400 €

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