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This portable USB DAC have R-2R multibit multiplying current-output DAC LTC2753 chip. This DAC don't custom driver required and supports by Windows, Mac OS-X, Linux, iPad/iOS and Android from 5.0 operated systems by native. The headphone amplifier (HPA) it device is especially strong, relative other portable audio devices. By one hand it allow to performance all kind of music, from wall of sound of metal to nuances classic or vocal. By other hand it take next complicated. We produce a 4V peak-peak output and 6V peak-peak output versions. For 4V we recommend to use a 16-100Ω headphones range , appropriately for 6V version we recommend to use a 50-150Ω headphones. This different voltage output to give to achieve most best signal/noise rating and take to you more comfortable volume adjustment. (Note: A output of regular portable audio is 2.1 Vrms or 3 V peak-peak)

The portable USB R-2R multibit DAC can to play all type of audio-video files, any bit resolution, any sample rate, THAT can performance the media player on your PC/Laptop/Tablet/Phone.

You can connect portable USB DAC to PC/Laptop via USB cable ((A - mini B) or (A - micro B)) direct or through external USB hub.

You can connect portable USB DAC to Tablet/Phone via any USB On-the-Go (OTG) adapter + ((A - mini B) or (A - micro B)) or direct micro-B (OTG) to micro-B USB cable. For reduce power consumption from Tablet/Phone, you can connect your Tablet/Phone to the DAC through external USB hub.

General description portable USB R-2R DAC
Chip precision 16 bits
Input Either
DO NOT use simultaneously!!!
Output = Audio Headphone 3.5 MM AUDIO JACK
Sampling Frequency USB 44.1 KHz,48 KHz
Power consumption no load -- 0.575Watt (5V * 0.115A)
with load -- 0.6Watt (5V * 0.12A) , the load is full size headphone 32 Ω, the volume as average for listen
Dimensions WHD 73 x 26 x 118 (mm) = 2.9"/1"/4.7"
Net weight 0.15 kg = 5.3 OZ
Power supply USB 5V/0.5A

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